Top 5 FAQs Health-Conscious Singaporeans asked Cio Enzyme.

Singaporeans are getting more health-conscious as we speak. From 2001 to 2014, the number of people who exercise frequently (3 or more times in a week) have doubled. If you are reading this, you may be one of them.

Singapore comes in eighth place in this year’s ranking of ‘Top 10 Healthiest Country in the World 2019’, overtaken by Japan, officially the ‘Asia’s Healthiest Nation’. Our country also has one of the highest life expectancies in our region with a solid healthcare system in place.

In this article of Top 5 FAQs Health-Conscious Singaporeans Asked About Cio enzymes, we will be addressing the most frequently asked questions about Cio enzymes that we handled every single day in modern Singapore. Ready to find out just how much do Singaporeans really know about enzymes? We bet you’ll be surprised.

FAQs 1: This brand from Taiwan ah?

We hear this everyday, and we always make it clear to our customers.
Our brand is from Malaysia, but our founder is a Taiwanese. Usually the response we get from our customers will be, “Ah, I knew it. only Taiwanese will come up with such ideas.” Enzyme drinks are pretty common in Taiwan, Japan and Korea too.

FAQs 2: What’s this? Huh, Enzymes? What’s that?

When this question pops up, we do our best to explain it in layman term for customers to understand better. In comparison, customers within the 40yo-60yo age group know what’s enzymes are, and we get this question relatively more often from the teenagers and young families.

Enzymes are biological molecules(typically protein) that catalyze bio-chemical reactions in our bodies, in some cases, millions of times faster than it would have been without it.

Some enzymes help to break down large molecules into smaller pieces, making it easier for our body to absorb. Some enzymes help to bind two molecules together to form new molecule. Enzymes are pretty selective catalysts, which means specific enzymes only speeds up certain bio-chemical reactions in our body.

FAQs 3: Why only pineapples? I don’t like pineapples.

Many people may have awful experiences with pineapples, however we cannot deny that pineapples are low in calories, high in potassium, vitamins and other antioxidants that’s vital to our body. Pineapples are often inexpensive and readily available in large quantity in our region.

In many studies, increasing consumption of pineapples can
decreases the risk of obesity, overall mortality, diabetes, and heart disease. Furthermore, it can provide more energy, overall lower weight, healthier complexion, curbing acid reflux, relieving constipation and diarrhea.

With so much health benefits, we couldn’t resist not using pineapples!

FAQs 4: Do you guys add sugar to it ah?

With Singaporeans increasingly active and eating healthier, they tend to ask if we do add additional sugar into our modern beverage.

Other than Pineapple Reserve(Unsweetened), which many of us may consider it sour, we also have a variety of other flavors. This would usually brings us to the sensitive question, SUGAR.

More often than not, customers asked if we added sugar into our modern concoction.

The answer is No. The sweetness came from the natural fruit sugar in the fruit juice that we added into our pineapple enzymes.

FAQs 5: Is it very sweet/sour one?

We’re surprised by this FAQ initially when we started. However, over time we realized that ‘Sweet’ or ‘Sour’ is pretty subjective to one’s taste. Our usual answer to that will be, “It’s sweet and sour”, and you have to try it to know it.

Therefore, we came out with a list of factors that would affect how sweet/sour it will be for you:

  • Food you just ate
  • Sweetness tolerance
  • Sourness tolerance
  • Usual beverage preferences

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